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Please note: Due to the current situation with COVID-19, our in-store classes and parties are on hold.

We can't wait to start having them again, so we will keep you updated and let you know when they are available.

Thank you, and stay safe.

A Good Time for All

Creating art is a great way to mark major life milestones. Not only will you make memories while creating a piece of glass art, you’ll have a piece of art to commemorate the occasion for years to come!


What You Can Make

You and your guests can create any number of fun, useful and creative pieces. Choose from kitchenware, jewelry, ornaments, necklaces, votives and more.

See our menu of items below.

Your guests can choose what they want to make, and not everyone has to make the same thing.  Just inform our staff what the dollar limit is for each person, and we'll help them choose and create their own work of art.

Enjoy the Party!

Little work on your end. We have two large tables and a long counter for treats, refreshment and drinks including a space to relax, visit, eat, open presents and enjoy your guests. THERE’S NO CLEAN-UP FOR YOU!

Plan on kid parties lasting 1 hour and 30 minutes and adults 2 hours. (Parties lasting longer than 2 hours will have an additional fee of $25.00 per 30 minutes unless otherwise discussed). During this time you and your guests can browse the studio and get ideas of what you can make. You can enjoy your treats and open gifts, then we will teach your party goers how to cut glass and create a keepsake. You can plan on picking up your artwork in 12-14 days. Our goal is 1 teacher to every 6 students, so an accurate number count is extremely helpful.

Menu of Items

$35 and Under

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Other Items
2" x 3" Light Catcher$20
3" x 4" Light Catcher$25
Small Votive$35
Salt & Pepper$30
Business Card Holder$30
Bottle Opener$25
4" x 4" Dish$30
Treat / Stuff Jar$35


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Oil Bottles
Small Oil Bottle $30
Medium Oil Bottle $35
Large Oil Bottle $42
Other Kitchen Items
Salt & Pepper Shaker $30
Bottle Opener $25
4" x 4" Spoon Rest $30
Large Spoon Rest $65
4" x 4" Coaster $30
Napkin Holder $78

Other Fun Projects

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Glass Weavings
6" x 6" Weaving (scraps) $35
8" x 8" Weaving (scraps) $45
10" x 10" Weaving (scraps) $55
Other Items
Picture Frame (wood base) $45
Medium Votive $40
Large Votive $50

Create Your Own

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Square Bases
4" x 4" $30
5" x 5" $38
6" x 6" $46
8" x 8" $70
10" x 10" $118
12" x 12" $165
14" x 14" $220
18" x 18" $335
Rectangle Bases
4.5"x 9" $46
4" x 13" $62
5.5" x 11" $70
4.5" x 16.5" $90
6.5" x 12" $90
7" x 14" $115
8.5" x 15" $140
14" x 16" $245


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