The Beauty of Sunflowers

Official state flower. Unofficial store flower.

Here, There, and Everywhere

Just as in nature, the sizes and shapes of sunflowers at Prairie Glass Studio are nearly unlimited. Whether decorating a plate, an earring, or standing alone, sunflowers are everywhere in the studio shop.

Small and Simple or Large and Showy

Kymm and her staff have great fun incorporating those open, happy sunflower faces into new designs.

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While abstract shapes are a natural for fused glass art, the vibrant colors in this medium can’t help but bring to mind the sun-drenched grasslands where wild flowers grow in Kansas from early spring until late fall. Sunflowers not only represent the state as the official flower, but also remind me of the open-hearted people who are my neighbors and friends.

- Kymm Ledbetter, owner


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