Custom Awards, Trophies and Installations

For businesses and organizations

Artful Expressions

Do you need to recognize a special person or an extraordinary effort? Kymm will work with you to design a striking fused glass award that will convey your sentiments perfectly. She has had lots of experience creating pieces that strike just the right tone.

Kymm created special awards used by the Topeka Chamber of Commerce to recognize businesses and designed annual Arty Awards used by Arts Connect to recognize members of the Topeka art community. She also created a special installation honoring a local philanthropist and supporter of education and the arts. Her sunflower-design creations were given as host gifts by a Kansas State Senator when she traveled to China. Kymm also assembled and installed employee-created fused glass art collages in corporate headquarter offices in Topeka.

Our Custom Creations for Businesses

If you wish to express your appreciation to an individual or organization or incorporate unique fused glass art into your place of business, Kymm will work with you to design just the right piece.

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Like original art, each person and organization is a unique gift to the community. My role is to help recognize those gifts with beauty.

- Kymm Ledbetter, owner


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