Custom Designs

Beautiful works for important events or your home

Creating Works of Art

Whether you want to honor a colleague’s retirement, celebrate a major milestone, or incorporate original art into your home, Prairie Glass Studio can help you turn an idea into beautiful glass art. Kymm will collaborate with you to design the perfect fused glass art piece to meet your need. Kymm has designed striking pieces for home interiors in Topeka and across the nation. She also designs unique gifts and awards that convey just the right sentiment in a beautiful medium. Kymm listens deeply and translates what she hears from the heart into original art. As with any art, the result is more than the sum of the parts.

Ideas Into Art

Kymm treasures people’s uniqueness knowing that we enhance one another just as our pieces of glass combine to make a beautiful whole. She listens with her heart to create custom art pieces, treating the creative process as a dialogue. “My clients and I work together to achieve the right look and evoke the right feeling for the occasion.”

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With a nearly infinite set of colors and textures, we can create
the perfect piece for you. Let me bring your idea to vibrant life.

- Kymm Ledbetter, owner


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